New name for Quality Assurance Team

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Quality Assurance Leader


I am looking for some ideas on a name for QA within our contact centre.

Our issue is we already have a department within our organisation that is labled Quality Assurance - and that is also our name.

We cannot agree on what to call our team now - any thoughts??

Our main function is to check the quality of the contacts coming into the contact centre.


Head of Business Solutions


Hi Lesley

We have a Compliance Team and a Quality Team in beCogent. How's that?


Quality Manager


Hi lesley

Quality team, service assurance, service experience.

Quality Assessor


Hi All,

I am QA in our call centre & would just to share what works well in both inbound & outbound call centre/s.

1. Coaching for effectiveness

2. Map out processes, draw standard measurements & improve on them

3. Draw up a professional call centre script( Soft skills)

4. Recognition & Motivation( Give awards, call of the month, day off etc)

This indeed works well :)

Account Manager


Sometimes the answers is simple at least I think so

You near enough have an answer in your question Lesley

How does Quality Check Team sound !!

For me it describes perfectly what you are doing



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