New team setup

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New team setup
This team is presently at a span of 250 and has around 15 unique work streams
As a leader of this team, how will you strategize creating a structured program that works as a feedback loop for our stakeholders and value addition to your team? Since there are
multiple workstreams, not all will have equal opportunity (considering scope of work) to generate insights, and not every individual will be adept at identifying.
Can we consider using sipoc model


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SIPOC model
SIPOC stands for Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs and Customer.

I have not come across this model before but doing an internet search on it, it would seem that it should be suitable to do this task.

The alternative would be a more unstructured model using a tool such as slack, where you can set up a number of feedback loops as channels (one for each of the 15 work streams). You can encourage advisors to provide feedback through this to the stakeholders.

It should quickly help to provide some valuable verbatim input.

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