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new to occupancy
Our call center just started looking at occupancy as a key metric. Our system tells me how many agents were available, how many calls were offered, how many were completed, average handle time all per half hour. I was calculating the occupancy as AHT*calls completed/agents/divided by 30 minutes. This doesn't account for the actual volume, calls offered. For example at 11:30 there were 98 calls offered, 88 completed, AHT 7:53.8 and 35.59 reps available. I calculated occupancy at 65.1% but that seems very low especially with that many missed calls.


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Your calculations look about right
Your calculations look right

But when you pass the same number into an Erlang calculator it looks like you have not applied any shrinkage and you may be understaffed. Erlang shows that you need 41 agents.

You really need to drill down further. It could be that at these levels what you are finding is that calls bunch up around the hour, leading to high abandon rates, but are quite at other periods.

The only way to see what is happening is by drilling down. I would typically look through the call detail records and plot it out across the half hour to pinpoint where the problem is most.

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