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Hi All

I have recently accepted an analyst role within resource planning (financial services / centre environment).

I was given the opportunity based on my previous skills shown within the organisation and have minimal experience in planning itself. What I lack in experience I gain in the desire to be successful within the position and also for a log term future within planning.

I have been researching and reading through the forums and found this website invaluable already but I thought it would beneficial to ask the professionals; can any of you recommend any specific articles / discussions or even just advice in what you think a person in a position such as myself should be researching or would find useful to know prior to starting the role?

Whilst I don't think they will regret giving me the position I want to ensure I impress and surpass expectations which I believe are already very high. I will be joining an already stretched department and hope to be a welcome addition to the team.

Thank you in advance and I look forward to being a regular member of the forum.

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Hi do you know which workforce management tool you will be using ?


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You will quickly pick up the nuts and bolts of the analytics. Where you could really make a difference is if you gained yourself a good grounding of knowledge in customer experience and employee engagement - that can help you really get behind the numbers and live the operation. Using linkedin pulse and following these topics will get you right to the freshest thinking.

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I would recommend having a look at The Forum (previously The Professional Planning Forum)

It's the industry guru for contact centre resource planners and WFM specialists.



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