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Totally new to WFM
Hey guys love your web videos!
I am totally new to workforce management and getting a promotion as a workforce manager.
Can you guys suggest any good learning materials and templates to forecast call volume and back end volume such as email support and billing.
Also advice on figuring out required staffing needed.



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Look at Holt Winters and Arima for forecasting
There are two areas that you need to look at. First is forecasting the demand (number of incoming calls and emails) and second converting this into a staffing model.

When looking at forecasting demand the Holt Winters model contains the three components of Level Trend and Seasonality. Well worth reading up on. Arima is better but gets very complex.

When translating from forecast demand into staffing the Erlang models work well. These are available as spreadsheet and online formats

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training material
We have a lot of training material on our website.

Initially I would suggest our guides which start at the beginning;

we have written lots about workforce management and they can all be found under the tag;

forecast call volume - we have a free online tool that might help

staff requirement

staff scheduling (this is a webinar but has lots of ideas)

handle shrinkage or calculate it

leave management – we don’t have an article on leave management – it should be covered amongst some of the above. Usually we cover things like attrition

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