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I am new here tonight, and I have joined to hopefully find some useful tips. I have been at home, not working for 12 years, and I have an interview tomorrow with a call centre. I understand the interview will be competency based questions also group assessment with role play etc. To be honest, I am not pinning my hopes up too much as I've not worked for 12 years.....I have a whole background of working in London on very busy switchboards, and on the BT telephone exchange.....Any advice and tips would be welcome



First Good luck!

If you have time a quick scan through the articles below

should be of some assistance.

With role plays, be yourself, but, do not allow yourself to be

marginalised by the rest of the group.

Again, luck!

Do let us know how it went...



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I always found the best interviews were when the candidate engaged in some discussion, showing an interest in finding out about the business, what is like to work there, how they will settle into the role and what the future holds. It's a careful balance when asking questions of an interviewer, be sure to ask things like "Can you explain to me how my first 2/3 weeks will look if I accept your offer?", can you describe a typical working day so that I can get a picture about what it will be like to work for you? etc. You want to get them talking a bit if you can.

Competency based questions for contact centres do puzzle me a little, I'm not sure you ever see massive variation in responses, so just prep the ones listed above and remain confident in giving your responses. Don't be afraid to take a pause to gather your thoughts - a well structured response beats a rambler.

Remember, they need to be the right fit for you as well - don't come out from the day wondering if you'd really want to work there for 2/3 years.

Thanks guys. To be honest, I did have an interview last week at a Call Centre and I failed the interview...The reasons were purely on the answers that I gave the interviewer. I had skirted around answers rather than being direct. I KNOW I have the ability to work in this role, but I just panic at interviews, and I'm sure that they saw my confidence levels were low. I have thought hard about the interview this morning and I have cancelled it. In all honesty I haven't worked for 12 years, and I NEED to get up to speed with current trends for how interviews are carried out and do some homework regarding how I handle competence based questions.....I am glad that I joined here and hopefully I will be able to gain much knowledge from you guys!

Many thanks again for your input.

I will be grateful for any more pointers and tips, keep them coming!



A tip.. Breath deep before the interview, try and keep calm and be spontaneous..

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