No wrap time. System automatically puts you into available after call ends

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No wrap time. System automatically puts you into available after call ends
I've just started a new job working as a customer service advisor. I've just been there 2 weeks, the first 2 weeks was training, although the last day of training which was Friday they did decide to let us take calls for the last few hours just to at least give us that headstart ahead of next week.
I was stunned that as soon as a call ends less then 5 seconds later the system automatically puts you into ready, Previous call centre jobs I've worked this hasn't been the case at all, it puts you into wrap and then I choose when to be ready (of course not taking the piss and trying to meet KPIS) I really do hate this though and don't feel I can handle it just being non stop like that, already I'm thinking maybe I should consider applying for a job as I won't enjoy taking call after call after call non stop for whole day without that little breather and then it is also going to be so hard trying to log off for breaks on time and also more likely going to finish late more often than not as if I finish at 18:00pm I get off a call at say 17:58pm usually I would stay in wrap for last 2 mins and log off on times, can't do this now, would have to take another call which could well be another 10 mins or so and hence finishing late.
Has anyone else worked in a role like this where there was no wrap? just seems very rare to me and already I'm thinking of trying to find another job and if I do have an interview for a similar role I will straight up ask something like "What are your KPIS like on AHT and wrap" just to ensure I know that there is an option of being in wrap.


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It is not for everyone
This type of continuous calling is done by many contact centres. Some do not even give you 2 seconds between calls.

If you find it a struggle you may be better looking for a different role.

Other contact centres also have a way of allowing you to finish the final call, so that you do not get penalised if the call goes on. Another good question to ask in interview how this is handled.

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