Number of Agents 0 for incoming volume below 0.6

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Number of Agents 0 for incoming volume below 0.6
I have a service that is not high volume; average incoming calls for the day (24h) is around 0.5, during the day at 1 hour interval the volume ranges from (0.1 to 1), using the ErLang calculator v 5.5 (Agent Calculator and Day Planner) when I enter the incoming volume that is below 0.6, the Agent is calculated as 0.

I am trying to determine, a) how many agents I need in total b) how many agents I need by hour of the day
I appreciate any insights. tks


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Between 1 and 2 agents
If your average volume is below 0.6 then you will probably need between 1 and 2 agents to handle this - depending on shrinkage and your service level target.

Have you tried using the online calculator. This would tend to be more accurate.

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