Offering Callback or Voicemail offerings

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Our small call center handles French calls with 1 FT rep and 1 part-time rep. We only take 10 - 12 calls a day. We currently offer our French callers the option for a callback only. We want to offer the callback option AND a option to leave a voicemail. We do not want to force disconnect the call. What is occurring, they call and if neither rep is available (in a meeting or training, etc) they are offered the callback option. If they do not accept the callback option they can continue to hold. They are often holding for 45 minutes or longer. We are having challenges from our telephony group to only offer one option, they prefer callback. This results in our supervisors and Workforce Management group having to watch the French service (queue) constantly which is not efficient. My thoughts are:

1. Callback or voicemail option offered

2. If they do not accept either option (after 2 offerings), route the call to our main customer care line and have a non-French speaker answer the call.

We have been told this is not possible. I find that hard to believe. We have Aspect. Any other suggestions?


Both options should be available with most phone systems.

It's a simple COUNT_EVENT>2 then route.

It's certainly available on Symposium or CMS no reason why Aspect

should be any different as it's basic routing functionality.



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Thank you DaveA (applebyd).

Question: If a customer opts for the automated call back rather than holding, when the call comes back into the call center does the agent answering need to disclose that the call may be monitored to recorded or is that not required since originally it was an inbound call?

That depends.

Have you told them before?

I doesn't necessarily need to be in the call

it can be on your literature, or. advert.

However, it's good practice to remind them.



Yes, it is disclosed to all inbound callers by a recording and verbally for outbound calls.



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