Offering Immediate Call Centre Customer Feedback

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Immediate Call Centre Customer Feedback
I am currently looking into how our call service department can obtain and record, immediate feedback from X% of customers, that have just spoken to our advisors. (Within the hour)

We currently do customer satisfaction surveys, these however are not specific the advisor that has given the service. We aim to be able to give each advisor in the department a score/rating on customer satisfaction, on a regular/ongoing basis.

We have no stipulation at the moment as to whether we outsource this process or get equipment to enable us to do this in house.

Advise on what is out there that could possibly help us would be very much appreciated.

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Opinion-8 customer feedback system
Hi Rob,
Opinion-8 is a product that does exactly this and a number of call centres are using the system to get immediate customer feedback from callers. The system is available both on a pay-as-you-go basis as a hosted service, and can be bought as in-house customer premise equipment.

(Post edited to take the edge off the advert. Please note that Opinion-8 is product/service from Square Systems - DB)

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Thanks for the point in the right direction Ingrid. I have looked at the Opinion-8 website and it looks as though it may fit what we are after.

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