Ok, ready to be stumped on monhtly required FTE with a wonky service level?

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Ok, ready to be stumped on monhtly required FTE with a wonky service level?
Monthly FTE required question that no one has been able to answer with an excel formula. The scenario: You have 124,462 transactions to complete. Every employee has a target of completing 2.5 transactions an hour. Shrinkage is 25%. Utilization/Occupancy goal is 90%. Service Level (and here is the kick in the pants for the calc) is 80% of transactions offered must be completed in 2 hours. When I run this in an interval state, I get 143 FTE and that is not right. BUT if I run it at the month state I get 296 FTE which I think is closer, however that is without calculating a service level associated to it (really just a workload calculator) because I am baffled at how to calculate a service level into a monthly required number with a 2 hour window swag in excel. This is no easy ask. Any help?


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Have you tried using the online Calulator?
Run it on Monthly

Then at the bottom is a refine your results where you can upload your interval data from Excel

Refine your results
You can upload a day of calls into the Erlang Calculator by cutting and pasting from Excel.

Does that give a better answer?

p.s. Shrinkage of 25% seems too low and Occupancy of 90% seems too high.

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