Online Erlang Calculator input questions

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Online Erlang Calculator input questions
I am running a weekly (M-F) forecast thru the Erlang and I do use percentages for each days call volume. For the Hours Open Per Day dropdown it only allows me to chose 10hrs or 12 hrs. Our call center works 8am-7pm US EST, so 11 hours. Does anyone know which option would be better to chose for the most accurate FTE required count?

Also in the advanced portion it allows me to input Working Hours per Week (1 FTE). We work our agents 8.5 hours with a 30 minute unpaid lunch and two 15 minute paid breaks. So they are taking calls for 7.5 hours of the day. My shrinkage already includes the breaks and lunches. What hours do I input into this?

Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you.


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Use the upload spreadsheet version
The best way to do this is to upload the call profile from Excel. If you select 12 hours and run the results you will see at the Bottom

"Refine your results

You can upload a day of calls into the Erlang Calculator by cutting and pasting from Excel."

and a button called Upload Data

You can then adjust the call volume to fit your profile

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