Online Erlang Calculator versus Excel version

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Online Erlang Calculator versus Excel version
I have downloaded the call-centre-helper-erlang-calculator-v5.5 and using it I used the following Assumptions:
1168 calls per 540 minutes (9 hours) - AHT 413 seconds - 80 % Answered in 30 seconds - Shrinkage 41 %

I then ran the same assumptions on the online version,

and I came up with 2 different answers, the excel version said 32 FTE's and the online version said 38.9 FTE's, which is the correct answer


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The online version is more accurate
The online version tends to be more accurate.

The excel version does not have maximum occupancy, so it will tend to underestimate the number of agents required.

What was the breakdown of calls across the day that you used?

Is the Excel version calculating only staff need after Shrinkage?
We noticed that the results on the Excel version seemed to show, the After Shrinkage Staff need (FTE), when we added a column multiplying that result by 1+ the shrinkage amount the results seemed to follow the online results for staffing needs with shrinkage.


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Could you please send me a screenshot of what you see
If you could send it to I will be able to check it out.


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It looks OK
I've run the numbers through both online and spreadsheet and I think the difference is the online calculator first displays 38.9 but in the text underneath says 32.4 after shrinkage

The spreadsheet showed 32 when taking account of shrinkage

So I think it's ok?

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