Onshoring V offshoring

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Onshoring V offshoring
I am wondering if anyone has any links to research on the benefits of onshoring contact centre work verses offshoring? I am writing a paper but majority of the research I can locate online is American and ideally I would like some UK based studies to reference.


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I have not seem any studies
I have not seen any studies but anecdotally there are clear advantages of UK based contact centres - particularly in house vs out sourcing

For on shore benefits
- British accent (easier to understand and be understood)
- Local linguistic knowledge (e.g. how to spell names like Pearce)
- Local geographic knowledge (where Glasgow is, that Gloucester is not pronounced how it is written)
- Local knowledge of weather patterns (sunny, hot, storms, rain)
- Local accents (if you are in Wales and speak to a Welsh utility company you may well get someone who speaks with a similar accent)

For in house benefits
- Outsourcers typically work to a cost, so can be more interested in short calls
- In house staff can typically feed back problems in process and can help form task forces to solve them
- Career progression. The contact centre is often a stepping stone for employees to move onto other jobs in the company and understand the products and services
- Joined up thinking. I spoke to one outsourcer who handled all calls for a utility company. Many of these calls were as a result of incorrect information on the web site. But the outsourcer did not deal with the web site. - It was actually not in their interest to solve these problems as it would have reduced the number of incoming calls and hence their revenue

This is not an exhausting list

I hope that this helps.

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