Opening hours vs opening hours telephone

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Opening hours vs opening hours telephone
We are in a service team (insurance company) and thinking about changing our opening times. We want to shrink our opening times for telephony, and widen the times for chat/WhatsApp/email. Reasons to do so: we are not able to cope with the workload in both incoming calls and email and chat with the FTE we have, to meet our SLA. Hiring people in corona times is not an option.

We were thinking: instead of 8AM-18PM telephone, 9AM-17PM live chat. To go to 9AM-4PM telephone, 8AM-8PM Live chat. In the telephone hours all agents would be in the line, in the extra hours they would work on email or chat. It is also to keep them motivated and productive.

Do you have any data available this would work (so shrinking telephone-hours and widening chat-hours)? On both managing workflow and productivity?

Opening hours vs opening hours telephone
Many organisations believe that they are more efficient and effective moving away from calls to webchat/email/Whatsapp.

Be very careful of moving away from calls into live webchat environmnent. Our contact centre supports calls, Webchat, WhatsApp and Email. We provide BPO services for other companies.

From our experience, WebChat takes almost 3 times longer to resolve than a call. That is because you cannot control the pace of a webchat as well as you can on a call. During a call, the agent could speed up the conversation or slow down the conversation. With webchat you are not in control of how long it takes the customer to respond to your questions thereby causing delays in resolving the query.

So if you are looking at cutting back on call centre hours to support webchat; expect to increase your headcount by 2-3 times.

Opening hours phone vs. opening hours Webchat
Good morning Lisette,
Adrian is right - the resolve-time of a case is much longer. But on the other hand, the customers patience is also much longer because they don't feel like sitting ducks while their inquiry got solved via telephone. They don't sit in front of the screen but do sth. next to waiting. This means, you can work on several cases at the same time to fill the gap of reaction.
Therefore, I think it's a good idea to try that. How do you want to sell it your team? And regarding "hiring is no option" - 1. you can use home office solutions, 2. I assume Allianz has a big pool of candidates who left your team in the past. Just start to reactivate them by giving them a ring and ask if they'd be interested to support you remote.
Best Regards from Ireland

Regarding remote agents, I recommend this article...
and to talk to Adrian Robson. He's running a hybrid call centre approach in South Africa and can give you some insight into the problems.

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