Organising Work Force Management Teams

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Hi All,

I'm doing a report on how we structure our Work Force Management teams (Forecasting, scheduling and RTA work).

I'm focusing on two options:

1) One centralised team which controls four different seperate departments.

2) Four mini-WFM teams - one in each of our departments. With an individual responsible for coordinating WFM across the buisness, liasing with supplier, managing system changes, attending conferences, etc. The key benefit of this being that our WFM team members are 'close' to the contact centers, can build a relationship with them and really get to grips with factors affecting call volumes and AHT (communication can be a bit of a problem at the moment!).

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks in advance,



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Do you now have everything you need?

Didn't get any responses here no... Would be great to hear what other companies are doing and if anyone has moved from their departments creating their own schedules to a central team doing this for them - what challanges they saw, etc.

Thanks again,


Hi Mark.....What did you end up doing? I am looking at the same thing....creating a WFM in a centralized location to manage several different sites.

Thanks for sharing this informative post.

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