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Outbound Call
hi, i have a outbound call project with 50,000 data to cleanse with which might take about 8 minutes per call to verify the details.

1) if i need to finish this in 1 month how many agents do i need to have to complete this
2) if i need to finish this in 2 month how many agents do i need to have to complete this
3) if i need to finish this in 3 month how many agents do i need to have to complete this

50k calls @ 8 mins equals 6667 hours of call work. Assuming 1 agent works 37.5 hrs per week, 150 per month, 6667 / 150 = 44.4 so you'd need 44.4 agents working 150hrs per month to complete the call. That assumes each call is answered 1st time & that all agents work flat out with no holidays, absence, breaks, training etc. You need factor in shrinkage (holidays, absence, training etc.) & occupancy. You will also need to consider how many times you are going to dial the number as not everyone will answer 1st time & some will never answer (you need to follow regulations on redials etc.). An outbound dialer can help you keep track of the data & do the calling for you, adhering to regulations, automatic answer machine detection etc.)

In a nutshell, there are many inputs you need to consider before you can calculate how many FTE you require, it's not as simple as 50,000 calls at 8 mins = 44 FTE.


Outbound FTE
It's not as simple as that. Have you considered how many times you will dial the data in that not everyone (very little in past experience) will answer at the first, second or even third attempt so you need to decide how many attempts you will make before considering that lead 'dead'. Have you done research on the demographics of your leads & considered the best time to call? It may not be during 'normal' office hours. Then there's shrinkage & occupancy to factor in. Its not as simple as calling each lead once to calculate requirements, you need to factor in the above plus other inputs. Also, have you looked at GDPR i.e. do you have the person's authorisation that you are calling. You also will need to look at OFCOM regs to ensure you stay compliant - using a dialler can help with this. Have a read of the below: -


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