Outbound Cold Calling - raising funds for charity

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Outbound Cold Calling - raising funds for charity
I am a Training Coordinator in a call centre that raises funds for charity that supports volunteers and rural fire brigades in Queensland Australia.
I love your emails that I receive each week with different tips and training material, thank you so much they are so very helpful in my line of work. I do find it challenging though, to find articles/material on outbound cold calling to raise funds for charity, so I compromise by using what is relevant from your articles that I can use for outbound cold calling with my staff of 28 agents.
I have used your articles like Cold Call Opening Lines, Great words to use with customers, active listening etc. however, most examples used in your articles are for Inbound customer service Agents and about measuring customer satisfaction, measuring phone handling time etc.
Is there any tips and training material specifically on call centre agents that have the task of outbound cold calling to raise funds for charity?
Asking questions to get yes answers when you are outbound cold calling for money is very challenging, let alone keeping the customer on the line long enough to ask the question through a structured quality call.
If you have a team, that sources information from people that know the industry of raising funds, maybe this could be something that your team could research to source information for this industry. it would be an absolute lifeline for me, and I am sure other charity centres would find it invaluable just like all the rest of your articles.


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Nothing specifically on charity
Glad that you like some of the articles that we write.

I am afraid that we have nothing specifically on charity

We do have a number of articles on telesales which may help a little. You may be able to find a few gems in there.

I also found this guide that may also be of use

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