Outbound Numbers Getting Flagged as Spam

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Outbound Numbers Getting Flagged as Spam
I'm trying to figure out how and why my outbound numbers are getting flagged as spam. My research says as the volume of calls go up the chances of getting flagged rise, which makes sense. However, I have come to find out that its not as simple. I have two numbers with the same area codes who have very different contact volumes. One number launches roughly 600 calls per week and has 55 contacts whereas the other one launches more than 4000 calls per week and has 820 contacts this month so far. However the one with 55 contacts get flagged whereas the other one does not. Any ideas why this might be happening? What measures can I take to ensure my numbers do not get flagged as spam?


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Volume is only one factor
Volume is only one factor. The networks tend to use a number of factors to determine if something is spam
- Number of dropped calls
- Complete vs incomplete calls
- Average Call Duration
- Time between outbound calls
- List based filtering
- Banned number lists
- Items flagged on internet sites (Who called me etc)
- Pattern-based filtering

So if your calls are getting flagged as spam it is probably something to do with the nature of calls that you are making and if the person is expecting the call.

What sort of calls are you making?

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