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When I left the company I’d worked at for almost four years in December 15, I worked 4 days into December and was owed 17 days leave.

My leave was paid at my daily rate (salary/52/37×7.5) however my daily hours worked was paid at salary/365×4, thus leaving me £120 underpaid. According to them this is correct – I’m not sure how a holiday day is different to a worked day, but apparently it is! Any one got any ideas? I know its too long ago to do anything about it, but it still grates on me :)


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I think that they should use the same calculation for both methods.

I suggest that you go to your local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) who will be able to assess the details and if there is a case will be able to take this up on your behalf.

The law varies in different parts of the UK but the CAB website for Wales says

"You’ll be paid the same rate while you're on holiday as you’re normally paid in your job. For example if you get paid £280 a week, you’ll still be paid £280 when you take a week off.

It’s generally best to try to resolve an issue with your employer directly (if you can). If you can’t, you may have to make a claim to an employment tribunal.

There are specific time limits for making a claim. For example, if you’re making a claim for unpaid holiday pay, you must do so within 3 months. Other types of claims have different time limits."

Here is a link to the CAB web site.

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