PCI DSS compliant Voice Recording

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Are you aware of a Voice Recording solution that interacts with an online payments system? Both are readily available in the marketplace but not as a package. Do you know otherwise?


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The one that springs to mind is the hosted solution from New Voice Media.

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We at Semafone are developing just this type of integrated solution with a number of partners right now. Would be happy to provide further details on request.


Hi Hew,

(I'll try to make this posting useful for you, without sounding too much like an advertisement....)

If you look here http://www.veritape.com/our-product/compliance/pci-dss-call-recording/, you will see two things.

Firstly, a short description of PCI DSS requirements with respect to call recording, and secondly a description of how Veritape achieves that. We blank all sensitive data from your calls, automatically. A good way to see what I mean is to watch this short video, showing an implementation we did for a multinational customer who uses the RBS Streamline (now WorldPay) payments system. T

This example shows how Veritape's technology works with any payments system, even where you don't have the ability to change the system itself (i.e. it works for both off-the-shelf and also in-house applications).

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We are about to do a case study on a customer who has this.

I will see whether we can find some useful information for you

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Be careful. Providing information on this topic is fine, but advertsing is not.

I have had to edit a couple of posts on this topic.

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