Per Interval Reporting

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Per Interval Reporting

I just want a survey of your best practice.

My call center reporting is grouped per 30 min interval. To identify which interval a set of data belongs to, I refer to the time that a call arrives into the queue.

But when computing for handling time, I refer to the time that the call arrives to the agent.

Do you also follow this set-up? If yes, is this confusing your data? Say a call arrives at 12:58 but answered at 13:03. The report will record 1 volume for 1230 interval but the handling time for that call will be recorded to 1300 interval.

Kinda confusing. How do you consider this in your call center?


Call Centre Helper

As long as you don't double count then this is fine
You need to define your reports based on either the way that a customer views them, or the way that an agent views them - depending upon which perspective you are looking for.

As long as you don't double count then the numbers should balance across the day, so it will all come out in the wash.

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