Performance Incentives

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Performance Incentives
Hello All of you CCV'ers! I am seeking some ideas for meaningful incentives (that don't cost much, naturally!) for top performing CSRs at our call center. Does anyone have ideas to share that have worked out well for you? We are now using performance rankings as part of our WFM, and are looking for ways to provide incentives for the CSRs (outside of the incentive of keeping their jobs :-)
Any suggestions would be welcome! We have considered such things as:
Top perfomer sits at a Lead's desk for aweek
Top 10 get taken to lunch by their Lead
Top 10 have the opportunity to 'shadow' someone in another position for a day

Has anyone tried anything like this? What were the results? Do you find that incentives work well to improve performance?

Thanks much for any insights you can offer!

Internal/Outsource Sales Manager


Performance Incentives

In the past I have found the following items to work.

1) Scratch-off Lottery tickets used throughout the day are EXCELLENT.
2) You would be surprised how cheap a small TV is and how heated a month long raffle for that TV gets. Trade sales for tickets, etc.
3) Lunches always work.
4) Movie tickets to the top five sales people.

The list goes on and on but maybe these help you.

Oh, take balloons and put different items in there (written on paper). Every sale, every other sale, most sales for the day, etc. gets to pop a balloon and claim the prize. Adds good energy to the room and you can have 30 balloons filled with lottery tickets and $1 slips as long as you have a couple of $5's, $10's and maybe a $20 or so.

Take care,
Curtis W. Bendt
Upside Telemanagement, Inc.
Cell: 650.642.5329

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