permanent v Casual staffing ratio

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permanent v Casual staffing ratio
Hello, I currently work in a call centre with a mix of permanent and casual staff. We seem to have this unending battle in relation to having enough casual staff to meet our predicted staffing requirements versus enough hours to keep our casual staff living the lifestyle they choose. I was wondering if anyone else suffers a similar problem and how they handle it?


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Annualised Hours

Thanks for respondin...
Thanks for responding Jonty, annualised hours is a new concept I hadn't heard of before, I work in a 24/7 call centre so I can see the benefits, however would take a big mindshift for our HR dept, which to be honest could take years to get up. I was wondering if there was some sort or ratio of permanent or baseline staff to casual staff. I am looking at our data and 65% base to 35% casual seems to be around the money. I don't think there is one set in stone formula or metric you can use for this. I think there are too many variables, but I wondered if anyone else has put in any effort to formulate this type of problem, and what data metrics they used to come to a conclusion.

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