Phone solution for a small company inbound and outbound

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Can anyone recommend a phone solution for a small company taking inbound and making outbound calls
Hi all,

Im about to start looking at phone solutions for the contact centre i am currently managing. We are using an NEC system at present and i personally have used CMS Supervisor in the past. Does anyone have any suggestions as to who i can approach before referring back to the present provider?

Looking at having a multi IVR system that can handle both inbound and outbound calls, has the ability to place a front-end message on the system in real time in case of call volume, impacting issues etc, has a virtual hold facility whereby the caller can leave a number if they are in a queue and we will call them back, has a full reporting facility and has multiple admin licences.

looking at 20+ people who will be call taking across a few departments and also the ability to transfer calls to certain extensions through to certain mobile numbers.

Thanks in advance

Additionally has the...
Additionally has the facility to record all calls as well as playback


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I don't think that you will find any valid recommendations on this forum, as we do not allow people to advertise on the forum, and it is hard to differentiate between a recommendation and an advert.

I would suggest that you try a google search and start phoning a few companies. Go then and visit their customers.

Another approach is to look through our directory.

The call center I wo...
The call center I work for uses Vonage Business Essentials. We switched from Vicidial and never looked back. Worth looking into.

You might want to lo...
You might want to look at something like the new Cloud service from Amazon, it's cheap and remarkably easy to set up. I'm happy to walk you through it by email if you like...

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