Planned Shrinkage for Full Time & Part Time Staff

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Planned Shrinkage for Full Time & Part Time Staff
Currently we have a mixture of full time staff (35 hrs over 5 day week) and part time staff working from 16 hrs -30 hrs pw.

I'm using the Call Centre Helper Shrinkage Calculator and noticed external shrinkage has an 'Annual Leave' factor however, our staff all have different levels of annual leave entitlement based on the length of time they've been with us and based on their working hours.

How would you approach this as not every agent would have 28 days per year A/L entitlement

Many Thanks


Call Centre Helper

Work out shrinkage in hours not days
Hi Rob

The only way that I can think to do this is to work it out in terms of hours and not days. This way it should be able to balance out across the year.

The only other way that I can figure this out is to do some form of weighted average. This can start to get rather complex and becomes more difficult for other people to follow.

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