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CS Manager

Hi guys, any suggestions you have would be great here. Let me breakdown where I am.

I have recently moved role from a big Contact Centre Environment to a smaller office based role, but have a team that deal with upwards of 10,000 calls per month and also work e-mails between their calls.

My concern here is that our service level on phone is coming in, in the high 90's and our e-mails are falling behind - where we look to close out an e-mail case within 7 days, but look to respond to the customer within 24 hours.

There are no EWFM tools for me to calculate staffing requirements to achieve the SL target for phones of 80% within 20 seconds. There are also no tools to advice of incoming e-mail rates, all I have is pretty much for example. Monday you received 100 e-mails.

I am looking at changing the operating hours of the business and as such I am looking at staffing requirements to achieve our targets while also maintaining a decent productivity figure.

I have my gut instants in watching the operation of the business over the last month or two; however I am looking for something a bit more scientific here.

Would anyone know of any way I can look at staffing in this scenario?


A good place to start would be here:

This will give you the basic tools you need to plan for your demand.

Also does the same, but adds a level of complexity.

That give's you your demand on the call side, and, FTE requirements to match.

You can then layer the e-mail demand and look at the peaks and troughs in which you can handle them, or, if you're lucky, you'll have a lower FTE requirement than thought and can argue for a dedicated e-mail team initially with a look to merge the channels at a later date.

Hope it gives you a start.



CS Manager

Thanks Dave,

I'll give it a go and come back to you :)


Call Centre Helper

You need a multi channel simulator
This tool is better than the Erlang calculator as it allows you to enter calls and emails

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