Plantronics/Mitel compatibility issue

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I joined a business some months ago and it is running a Mitel 3300 ACD and using Plantronics headsets with standard looking HIC cables. I've used these headsets and HIC cables with an Avaya ACD at my last work and never had a problem but we have dozens of headsets we can't use and are tendering for telephony support leaving me in the unfortunate position of not being able to ask anyone, especially with our creaky old Mitel platform no-one seems to support!!

any help gratefully recieved as i have no idea if it's the headsets, the cables or the handsets that aren't compatible and it's driving me nuts!!


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Might be worth a call into Plantronics as they always seem to be quite good on support. They could help to diagnose the problem.

0800 410014 or

It could well be a problem with the programming of the Mitel system.

You can find the Mitel end user documents here

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I'm from Plantronics so I'm keen to see you get this resolved.

Basically, the HIC cables aren't designed for Mitel systems - they are specific to Avaya.

As Jonty says, give us a call direct and we'll advise what cables you need. The headsets you have are probably OK to keep (but we'll check when you call us), it should be just new connecting cables for the Mitel system.

Post up here if you're still not getting this resolved and I'll get in touch direct.


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