Predicting Abandoned Calls

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Hi All

I am trying to predict abandoned calls for future weeks. I know this is a crude work around but if I know Average Speed to Abandon then using Erlang C could I not calculate Probability % of calls waiting over my average wait to abandon and that % of calls will be abandoned for that 15 min period?


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Hi Ben,

It's a tricky one! The main driver for abandonments is customer patience, which might differ under certain circumstances. When everything is the same and you have a clear number on the avg speed to abandon, I would suggest looking at an Erlang X Calculator online to compute your abandonment % per interval.

Just input Arrivals, AHT, Number of staff and Avg time to abandon and see the output for SL, Abandonment% and Avg Wait time.

Hope this helps,


Senior Tactical Planning Manager

Many Thanks Dannis, I will take a look


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The Erlang A forumla
The Erlang A formula will help you to predict Abandoned calls.

The maths is a little complex but the easiest way is to use the Erlang calculator. You just need to adjust the Average Patience in the advanced options box.

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