Presentation Of Monthly Business Review

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Presentation Of Monthly Business Review
Below is the topic for the PPT.
Deliver a presentation of Monthly Business Review which can include the following data: Estimated delivery will be 10-15 Minutes only. They can use any account / LOB of their choice.

ABC Call Centre
Target Apr-20 May-20 June-20 July-20 Aug-20
CSAT ≥80% 65% 71% 75% 76% 75%
Email handling time (EHT) ≥17 minutes 18 minutes 20minutes 21minutes 19minutes 20minutes

Items Required Covered in Presentation:

1. Highlights and Lowlights ( Assumption can be used)
2. Root Cause Analysis -Can be innovative in thinking
3. What will be action plans that will be deployed based on Root Cause Analysis ( Assumptions can be used)
4. What approach for improvements on these metrics ( CSAT and EHT)? ( Assumptions can be used)
5. What will be the plans for team engagement for the coming months ? Activities or team building. ( Assumption if we have funding to coordinate events)

Dear Sir, I need an help in this presentation to pass my job interview, kindly pls help me.I need to present in PowerPoint on tomorrow 13 Sep 2020. Thank You.


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Missed it
Sorry it looks like I am too late to help.

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