Productivity of Chat agent

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Productivity of Chat agent
Case Study: On a particular workday, both agnetA and agentB were logged in for same 9 hours and had same duration of break taken. Maximum chat concurrency limit was set at 5 for both.
AgentA : Spent 350 minutes of total chat session time with 30 chats handled and No concurrent chat.
AgentB : Spent 300 minutes of total chat session time with 35 chats handled and had concurrent chats. 22% of his total chat session time were spent in handling concurrent chats and average concurrency for his concurrent chats was 2.3.

** Lets assume that chat assignment is automated. That means every chat in the queue is distributed based on FIFO to the next available agent with below max concurrency limit.

Now, the question is – who is more productive - agentA or agentB?


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Not enough information to say which is more productive
Neither of the case studies deal with outputs.

Since both are logged in for the same time (9 hours), then the one that is most productive will be the person that has generated the better outputs. e.g.
- Customer Satisfaction Scores
- Quality Scores
- Sales made

Simply looking at which one was talking most is rather missing the point.

You may find that this article useful on how to measure productivity

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