Pulling Soft Data from an ACD

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Getting "soft" data from a Meridian ACD

We have a Meridian ACD with a Max reporting front end (version 09.22). The problem is we can only get reports outputted to a printer and not as say a text or csv file. Does anyone know of a way round this that dosn't involve scanning the paper output?

Sucessful reply with receive the 3 step, 30 seconds method for sizing a call-centre operation so don't delay!




Not ideal but it works.
What I have done in the past for getting call data, was to chuck a low end PC on the end of the serial line and use a simple terminal emulator to capture the output. I would then use data mining programs such as Monarch to pull all the info that I required.

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In Max on the Settings screen
there's an option to print to file.

You need to use the full path of where
you want the report to go.

It will produce concurent reports as you select them:
An example of my path with a file is below.


The bit in italics is the file name you want. (Note it doesn't
need a file extension. It will automatically look for the file name
and increment the extension by one eg:

gu070903.003 etc

Just open them with Notepad.

The thing to wait for is where it says "Receiving Printer Data" wait
for that to go before running the next report otherwise it will
lump all the data in one file.



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MAx Erratum

Sorry should have said.

From opening Max it's

Settings -> Edit Options



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Getting "soft" data from a Meridian ACD
Paul / Dave

Thanks for the help and the swift replies, we now have it sorted!

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Max V9

Did that work with V9?

It works fine with V7 and we're thinking of upgrading due
to serious screen freeze problems that V9 fixes.

Waddaya know BT do a Microsoft! :-)


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Meridian MAX
I think Nortel has an end of life set for 12/03 on MAX, so upgrading would not be wise.

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