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quality evaluation
how many calls of an agent must be checked to be able to give her/him fair score for quality of calls???


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It starts at around 8 calls per agent per month
Generally it starts at around 8 calls per month.

Duncan White looks at the subject in this webinar and says that for 8 calls per month there is a 35% margin of error in the score.

However most contact centres tend to monitor between 3 and 6 calls per agent per month, which is probably too low.

Quality should be constant. There are many creative ways to achieve a higher level of completed evaluations.
Yada: Informal monitoring should done at least 50% of the day supported with immediate ad hoc coaching.

Formal evaluation don't necessarily have to be done by the Manager. Try giving your reps a blank form and ask them to evaluate themselves then defend why they scored it that way in a subsequent meeting with yourself. This method will enable you to boost the number of completed quality evaluations of your team.

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