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What do other call centres have in place for quality measures when staff are taking credit card details over the phone to ensure security of customer data. Do any call centres do credit checks?




With regards to sensitive Info as in your case, the accoutn holder, with his identitiy number/business registration number, address, tel,

is verified before proceeding.

In my environment sensitive info is usernames and passwords, and these are

the criteria we use.

Hope this helps!

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if its credit cards - your merchant acquirer for visa, mastercard etc will provide a clear standard to day to day ops


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Some of the things that I have heard about

- Passing card number entry to an IVR system

- Banning writing down card numbers by pen and paper

- Use of CCTV in the call centre

I have not heard of credit checks being used, as I would think that a fair number of agents may have a low credit rating.

I do know that some call centres do require a vaild CRB check, but I'm not sure if that is related to credit cards.

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West Bromwich Building Society

Working in a Contact Centre in an FS company, we always credit check staff prior to them starting.

It was put in place for the simple reason, if they can't look after their own money, how could you expect them to look after somebody elses...

However, as Jonty points out, this does have a negative impact on our recruitment success.

Senior Operations Supervisor

In the case of off shore centres, they do background investigations to check for previous criminal history, current or pending cases and any outstanding warrants that the person might have during pre-employment screening.

On-site or in-office, they implement a "blue-desk" policy, which means the employees should not bring anything to the production floor except lunch money. All bags, phones, etc. are left at the bag check-in counter. Network security measures are also in place, whick means only authorized websites can be accessed, copy-paste functions, notepad applications are disabled and all that. And of course the usual hi-def security cameras.

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