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Hi all, I've searched and searched but not found what I am looking for so hope someone can help me!

At present we use an Excel based tool with simple yes, no's etc to assess the quality of an interaction with a customer (interactions in our case being calls, emails and web based communications). Excel isn't the best tool for this and I am trying to find out if anyone has ever used some other type of system/software to do QM.

A system where assessments can be recorded, the assessment form be customised and results displayed in various formats (data only, charts etc) would be ideal - does this exist as a stand alone product?

Thanks all.

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Hi Kyeser

Most of the systems I have seen form part of the call recording software i.e nice, majuda, etc. we currently use a standalone system developed inhouse. that stores data in a central database. reports can be drawn to show assesments conducted, QA productivity as well as Pareto analysis of the completed assessments. Hope this helps.

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Hi Hastur, thanks for the reply. What is your inhouse system based on? We're thinking of developing something in Access but are still looking at other options...


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Hi Kyezer,

I think there are many advantages to not using Excel, as beyond a certain point it becomes needlessly complicated. That said if at the moment you are just using Yes/No's then there is still a lot more you could do.

If you have someone in your team who is really good with functions and macros you can do some really interesting stuff. We use an excel form, and it can be used to score an agent, look back at their past results (as either charts, numbers or a form) can be emailed to the agent. Ours allows for actions to be logged, which can feed in to managers into a list of actions and deadlines.

Sometimes Excel gets a bit of stick, but in the right hands it can be a quick cheap option with no real compromise over a purchased, and the advantage that it is much easier to change compared to a dedicated piece of software.

I once whipped up in a day a customer database management workbook which prioritised customers for outbound calls. Some of the guys over at the professional planning forum suggested software with the same functionality would cost at least 10k, and I have seen little evidence to contradict that, so I am usually of the opinion that the main limit is ones imagination.

Unless the number of interactions you are grading is pushing a hundred a day, I wouldn't rule out Excel.

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It's an HTML format with SQL running in the back end.

Kyezer, we had used access & excel based tool that were customised inhouse however scalability and reporting created a head ache. Towards end of 2011 we became aware through a networking forum of a web based customisable application that was both scalable and had strong reporting and calibration features. We have been using for number of month now and are quite happy. Biggest benefit to ourselves was the scalability and the elimination of multiple stand alone audits / tool. Would be worth having a look www.scorebuddy.co.uk It may meet your needs. Good Luck - we were looking for some time.

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Wboyce, thanks very much, that looks like the thing I need! Appreciate you sharing the info.

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