Quality outbound calls how many per agent?

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I would like to get an idea of how many quality outbound calls your, in a general sense, agents are expected to make in a normal working day, say 08:30-5:00pm.

Naturally we are looking to up date the data held on the profile and speak to the correct person.

Would 160 calls a day in order to generate 4-6 leads a day be a sensible option. this would include typing up notes, up dating data and emailing the company email should this be requested.



This relly depends in what you are calling for and how good your data is. We set up call centres and it can vary from 3 to 15 appointments a day dependant on product and data. It also depends how you are calling out and how you are inputting information. Your staff and productivity are only as good as your services.



How many outbound calls B2B, across the industries, is an acceptable number for a person to make in an 8 hour day: they are manually dialling the numbers themselves, manually up dating data and sending emails: the purpose of the call is to speak with the decision maker, ascertain what products they use and set up an option for a site visit. this includes wrong numbers, faxes, voice mails.

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Our agents typically make between 150-220 dials per day, all manual dialling and processing data themselves through variety of CRM systems, results vary (leads usually significantly higher than appointments) but as alexc says, this does depend on the type of campaign and the level of the DM they are required to speak to.



Thank ChambersL for your response. It makes perfect sense.

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When there is questionairre to be completed. Is it reasonable for outbound call centre agent to complete 10 successful calls AND to have 40 call attempts in a 8 hour day including lunch and tea times.


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Successful calls is a measure of whether people are in
NAZ - Only you can answer this question.

Successful calls are really a measure of whether people are in, as well as how many calls that you attempt.

It sounds reasonable to me, but the big question is if this is realistic.

Talk with some of your top and middle performers and get their opinions. Tie this up with side by side call monitoring.

If you can get the team to set the target they are more likely to achieve it.

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