Quality Team Structure

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Quality Team Structure
Currently, I head up the QA Team for my organization. My team oversees the QA for 16 products across chat, email, social media, voice, card holder disputes investigations, and regulatory agency complaints. My team of 13 individuals are each responsible for a certain number of products and processes, holding listening sessions every 2 weeks, along with doing Calibration audits of our BPO QAs. There are other duties as well that are part of the job along with requests from internal partners that usually take the team away from their regular duties (I'm powerless to stop this, it is what it is at the moment).

All that being said, it feels like we can never get ahead and along with all the extraneous work that comes their way (that I have no power to stop) they are grinding away each day and they are burnt out. I know I'm burnt out just trying to keep track of it all.

That said, I"m looking at ways to change up the structure of the program. I have tons of experience with QA programs across 5-6 products at the voice, email, and chat levels. However, I've not managed anything of this size and scope. I've attempted to blow up the program and rebuild from ground up, but compliance has stood in the way of every idea I have had as they prefer the status quo. Curious as to what others are doing in similar programs with so many products. I"m also curious as to suggestions others might have for how to structure said program.

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