Queue carry over between intervals and abandons

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Accounting for queue carry over between intervals and abandons?
How should I account for calls in queue at the start of the next interval? Could/should I use average expected queue length and add that to the volume in the subsequent interval? Conversely, could/should I subtract expected abandons from the current interval?


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Carry over and Erlang A
With carry forward It tends to come out in the wash in that calls not answered in one time period are carried forward to the next time period.

A lot depends upon the call length vs interval length. Ideally your average call duration should be less than half of your reporting period. So if you have an AHT of 10 minutes you should go for 30 minute reporting intervals rather than 15 minute reporting intervals.

Generally in forecasting you look at calls offered, rather than calls answered.

Erlang C formula does not take into account the number of abandons. In order to do this then you will need to Use the Erlang A formula (the A sands for abandon). I am in the process of building an Erlang Calculator that takes abandons into account but it is not yet ready to release.


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Erlang A is now built into the Erlang C Calculator
We have built abandons into the Erlang Calculator using Erlang A

For an overview of how it works read this article

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