Real Time Call Monitoring

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Real Time Call Monitoring
I'm hoping that somebody might be able to point me in the right direction. I am trying to find the best way of monitoring calls in real time. I want to be able to compare calls that are taken/made by representatives against scripts, if any deviation is noted this can be flagged up to the person straight away.

I have been looking at solutions that will do this within so many hours, but want to know if there are other ways of doing this? We are operating across several sites.

Any help appreciated



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Try using the search functionality on this site as I'm pretty sure that this has been covered at least once before.




Real Time Call Monitoring
John is right, type in the world 'monitoring' and you will get a multitude of examples.

Essentially you are creating a quality process, to limit the time one has to monitor quality will inevitably lead to a reduction in quality. Call monitoring cannot be rushed, furthermore the feedback needs to be concise, specific and tailored.

If all you are doing is comparing what they say against a script then simple mystery shopping should suffice. ie. Make/Take 100 mystery customer calls and if 98% of them adhere to the script you have virtually no problem.

However I would advocate that call monitoring comprises significantly more than script adherence. If you truly want to coach and develop your staff I recommend you should be looking at a much broader analysis of skills sets, soft skills, behaviours and knowledge. If you all want to is check people are reading scripts accurately, witout inflections, pauses, listening etc etc then I recommend parrots, they are multi-lingual, portable and save considerably on office space although I did encounter seasonal moulting problems with the Norwegian Blue.

All joking aside.... as always I am able to help with bespoke monitoring form design and implementation.

Good luck

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Realtime Call Monitoring
Hi Robert

I think we may be able to help you here.

We specialise in capturing realtime information from a variety of systems, and class our company as experts in system intrgration. Some of the systems we link into in realtime are e.g. ACD's (Definity, Mitel, Nortel, Syposium, Ericcsson to name but a few. We also integrate into Help Desk applications (Remedy etc), Network monitoiring tools / ODBC databases, the list goes on.

With reference to your requirement, we could possible use our software to capture the information being produced, tokenise it and re-display it in a variety of methods (LED IP based wallboards for realtime stats, to a central messaging area for perhaps performance information on a plasma, to the supervisors workstation screen (or all of the agents themselves). We can even uipload this onto your Intranet or generate an email for when thresholds were met (or not met...depending on the parameters set)

If there is a realtime feed and it can be scheduled to basically be sent to a file on the network, or even print from a serial port, we have methods in bringing this info into our environment (so many ways to skin a cat).

Let me know if you would like more info on this.

Terry Aylmer-Smith (

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