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Good Morning!
We are a large call center and like most others we are looking for quality leadership candidates to fill our supervisor level positions and we are really struggling. I seems that the customer service skill we ask for does not come with Call Center experience.
Does anyone have any ideas outside of the typically posting on career builder, LinkedIn, Etc. on finding quality candidates.
Thank you!!!


Call Centre Helper

Look at the hotel sector
The hotel sector can be a good recruiting area. Front of house staff tend to have good customer service skills and a good attitude. Call Centre skills can be trained if people have the right attitude.

Specific assessments
We had a client a few months ago with a similar problem.

Once we had established exactly what they were looking for we wrote a very comprehensive assessment to highlight people that would match their desired skills and then held 2 days of assessments.

Surprisingly the people that matched the clients needs best were not from other call centres but from the FMCG market – graduates that were on leadership programmes with large supermarkets etc.

It was a very useful experience.

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