Redundant Licensing for On-premise Setup

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Business Engineer

Is it standard practice to purchase double licensing for each agent if full redundancy is desired in 2 different geographic locations? Or would the licenses be transferrable?

For example, I'd like to establish an on-premise contact center here in the US and a redundant BCP site in Mexico. I will have physical servers in both locations. With this approach, how many licenses would I need to consider for each agent? 1 license that would be transferable in the event that my USA contact center went down? Or 2 licenses (1 for USA contact center and 1 for Mexico contact center)?


Call Centre Helper

For on premise equipment the answer is typically yes, you would need to purchase two licenses.

For cloud based solutions you would typically only purchase one.

Having said that it is often open to negotiation and you may be able to negotiate with the vendor.

Business Engineer

Thank you very much for your response! You have helped tremendously. I am still on a hunt to figure out exactly why 2 licenses would be needed; explaining & justifying this to purchasing has proven to be quite the task! :)


Used Dialers

If your software provider uses a USB security dongle then you would be able to have 2 separate servers both loaded with your software. When one system goes down you could simply remove the USB security dongle and place it in the other server assuming both servers are in the same location.

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