Regs relating to manually calling back abandoned callers

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Regs relating to manually calling back abandoned callers
I'm operating well within 3% SLA for abandons and am in the process of implementing an automated CB strategy for a 15 seat inbound campaign, to tackle high peak time traffic. This will be software facilitated (customer pressing an option for callback during hold time).

However being a control freak ideally I want to call back those callers who abandon during hold time after IVR - I have their numbers emailed to me on each occasion. My questions are thus;

What are the legalities of calling back an number which has abandoned. Does this need TPS sorting or does their complicity in calling us first negate this?

Can I simply send manual lists of numbers who have abandoned(after for example, 5 secs) to my agents to call back?

We are a retail operation and could be losing significant revenue with each call.


...I should add that we are UK based.


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I personally would call back the abandons
I am not a legal expert, but I would try to call back the people who have abandoned. You would be unlikely to get complaints if they originated the call and you called back within a short period - unless they are calling back as a result of a cold call. To be certain, you may want to get some legal advice on this one.

I would also look at how you can reduce call abandons.
Staffing up extra staff is the obvious answer, but you can also look at your queue messages. Ironically you may find that increasing the time before you play your first message may reduce the call abandon rate.

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