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I am starting to put together a 'soft skills' training session and I'm looking for any material/ ideas anyone might have about getting agents to respond genuinely to customers. For example, I often mark calls where the customer will say 'I am not happy about x' and the agent's first response is to say 'okay.' Firstly, of course it isn't okay, and secondly, they wouldn't react like that in a 'normal' off-phone conversation. Any thoughts you have on how to break this habit would be appreciated. Thanks


Call Centre Helper

I would have thought that getting a collection of call recordings would have represented a good idea. You could play good and bad examples.

The other idea would be to stop call recordings after the "OK" and ask what different replies could have been given. That way the agents can work out their own solution rather than being told.

Here are a couple of links that could be useful.

Operations Manager

Hi Emma,

You have probably solved your problem now - i had a similar situation a couple of months ago and put together some training power points. I am happy to share if you still need help.

Thanks Kelly

Hi Kelly,

This is an ongoing project, so any materials you have would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks very much for your kind help.


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