Remote Quality Monitoring

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Remote Quality Monitoring
What tips and techniques do you have for coaching and feedback remotely


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It is similar to being in the office
Ultimately it is similar to being in the office, but you have to be careful of how people can react.

There are a whole batch of articles here. You just need to pick the most relevant tips.

Get them involved
I've found when working from home/remotely, allowing staff to have some time to quality check their own work is a good shout!

Provide them with a call or piece of work to score, and book the feedback session - have your scoring/feedback ready but allow them to go through their feedback first, and have them document it.

I find they pick up on most of the common issues, can look at their work objectively and provide some insight into what they can do to improve - run through their feedback and then add on anything they missed or you find important to the session.

This way it opens up the conversation into a coaching session rather than just feedback. i often find the CSAs to be quite hard on themselves, especially with a familiar and well defined quality framework

Make sure you keep up call calibration sessions - its easy to stay in your own rhythm without being in the "noise" of the contact centre, so sharing best practice amongst teams is really important

Just my thought - Hope that helps

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