Removing AHT Completely

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So I have been asked what my thoughts are about removing AHT from our call centre to allow staff to offer a better service to our customers. I understand that there are lots of different ways to improve AHT whilst improving the service offered to our consumers but I have never been exposed to this.

What would happen if we were to completely remove AHT?

Has anyone had this experience or know of how this would affect the call centre.


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After a short dip results are better than when you tracked AHT
Generally the results of companies who have done this have been positive.

It is some thing that I often ask in my workshops "have you removed AHT as a target?"

The results are generally very positive with first Contact resolution improving. Often AHT then goes down as a result as you have to apologise less to unhappy callers.

It tends to take a long time for advisors to really believe that you are no longer measuring agents based on it. - Not helped in one contact centre where one supervisor still had AHT written on the notice board. You also have to take AHT off all of the advisor screens and reports.

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