Resourcing Outbound Workloads

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Resourcing Outbound Workloads
I work in a callcentre in the UK and would like to know if there are any good resourcing products for outbound dialing? There seem to be lots of products in the market for ACD systems (q-max etc) but i have heard of none for dialler systems.


Rostrvm Solutions Limited

Resourcing Outbound Workloads
It could be worthwhile looking at Teleopti ( as their Contact Center Coach forecasting system has an outbound/blending planning module

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Upstream Works Software Ltd.

Are you thinking along the lines of campiagn management?


concerto sofware

Resourcing Outbound Workloads
Concerto Software have a Workforce management tool for Outbound call centres. It will integrate to most industry dialers and allows you to create intraday, weekly and long term staff requirements for outbound campaigns, create and manage schedule for outbound campaigns and monitor performance against plan.

For more information you can visit or if you would like me to send you a product brochure email me at

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DarrylBeckford Limited

Rockwell -> Concerto
Hi Tiffany,

I've heard rumours that Concerto plan to drop the Rockwell Firstpoint Business Edition product (nee Transcend), and keep only the Enterprise edition (nee Spectrum).

Is this true? If so, what's the roadmap for customers in the UK with Business edition?

Darryl Beckford


concerto sofware

Rockwell -> Concerto
It is true that Concerto Software no longer offers "Business Edition" to new customers, but existing users of "Business Edition" can go on using their technology for the foreseeable future. For greenfield environments or companies requiring a tightly integrated, multi-channel, multi-function solution, Concerto Software offers Concerto Unified Edition, based on our EnsemblePro platform. Any existing "Business Edition" customers who are interested in migrating to Concerto's Unified Edition should speak to their account manager or contact Concerto directly to discuss the migration path. However "Business Edition" customer are not required to migrate and they will continue to be fully supported with their existing technology.

For firms looking to replace or incrementally add functionality to an existing contact centre, the company offers Concerto Enterprise Suite. This suite includes the FirstPoint Enterprise's Spectrum ACD, Unison and Conversations Predictive Dialers, RightForce workforce management, voice self-service and complete Internet capabilities, as well as Performance Optimisation solutions that can be applied as business needs dictate.

Both Rockwell Firstpoint and Concerto Customers will benefit from an expanded set of solutions both in the immediate term and in the longer term, as the company will continue to support its leading products.

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