Rota Planning in a Large Contact Centre

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Head of Operations


Can anyone suggest a rota planning solution, based on call volume stats to show how I can plan 70+ agents.

Previously have used excel but this is not ideal due to the level of agents that we now have.

Thank you

Business Development Manager

Callback Services

Hi Lisa. We've worked with many call centres, both smaller and larger than yourselves, who also face this challenge - how to move from a variety of spreadsheets and processes to a more efficient Workforce Management suite. The two key points I wanted to address for you are :

1. Rota Planning -

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Either way the key is looking at your current processes and evaluating how WFM can automate processes and improve efficiencies for agents and team leads / planners.

2. What if there are not enought staff to answer calls - there is always the possibility of not having enough staff due to unpredictable events. Our recommended solution for this is to have a "Callback Service" on tap as you're insurance policy to answer all calls within service level. A good callback service will ensure all callers who leave their details always receive a callback in the same time they would otherwise have waited on hold.

Apologies for the lengthy response, hope it makes sense.

Head of Operations


Thanks for your reply, I will take a look at your website & what potentially Q-Max can do.


Hi Lisa, There are now a few options for the smaller contact centre as well as Q-Max being hosted, IEX(NICE) also do a hosted model which I have implemented in a previous role. The hosted model is very cost effective with the numbers you have and in some cases means there is no capital outlay.

Your starting point is to really understand what your requirements are and what the long term plans are for the centre. It is then a matter of working through the vendors based on your requirements and see how well they fit.

Business Development Manager

Callback Services

Hi Lisa,

As Darren says you have a few options and once you've identified all the key processes to incorporate into a WFM service you can then weigh up the pro's and con's of each of the solutions in the market.

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WFO Consultant


Hi Lisa

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From an objective point of view, the key is to document your pain points and then go and see all the vendors and see who addresses them, also ask the vendors for site visits so you can see the products in situ being used.

Hope that helps

Solutions Consultant


Hi Lisa,

The challenge you face is a not uncommon - Excel is the most widely used planning tool the world over. The challenges, as you rightly point out, start to creep in once you grow beyond a certain point or your operation has complexities like the need to schedule for skills or to cross utilise agents across multiple work types.

My advice would be to identify what your short/ medium & longer term requirements are and keep all of these in mind should you enter into any procurement exercise.

This will ensure that you:

a) find a product that will support your long term business objectives

b) are aware of any costs that are associated with growth and the addition of any features which are not part of the "out of the box" version.

c) ensure that your solution is designed at day 1 to allow for and accommodate future changes with minimal fuss

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Good luck with this project!

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