Rotating Trainers

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Rotating Trainers
Our call center currently has 8 basic product trainers, They have been training continuously for a year now and what happened was right now, they feel they're better than everyone else in the operations group. Demanding for higher salary and higher appraisals. We heard of the practice of rotating trainers, Do you guys have some thoughts or insights on this? any feedback will be highly appreciated.




Rotating Trainers
Some thoughts

1. MOst trainers train product and skills - why not broaded their remit and increase their skills, then they become a more valuable asset worthy of the rise.

2. With increased professionalism and skills comes accreditation and membership of industry associations; are any of them training qualified, have they broadened their professional development - has your company encouraged them to?

3. Are they able to conduct a training needs analysis, design, deliver and evaluate training?

4. Are their results performance managed?

Given that you are thinking of rotating them and infer that they aren't perhaps justifying their pay rise then perhaps is it the case that you have presenters and not trainers, in which case what is their job description?

More info required on their KPI's and JD's please.



about rotating trainors
my name is toni from the philippines.

regarding rotating trainors, i think i hugely depends on the size of the organization. if the company is not that big, then rotating can be an option. however, if the company is big and established, then rotating is no longer necessary. rotation decreases specialization and i'm sure you wouldn't want that.

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