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I've had a number of requests for a more informal area on Call Centre Helper where people can get together in a more informal way, to have a chat, socialise and share any questions that they have.

We look forward to hearing from you

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It is a great idea Jonty


Virtual coffee, not my cup of tea.....

A bad day starts when the coffee machine fails!

Trainer (L&D)


I agree Caffeine is certainly an absolute necessity

Collective bargaining ought to cover that!

Trainer (L&D)


Mind you when running workshops I find that Berocca is a good touch - I leave a few tubes on the desk and ask the delegates to take one if they like - Nice start to learning and also improves concentration...


Call Centre Helper

We've got a new Nespresso coffee machine in the office here. You have to watch though because after a couple of cups you can get distinctly buzzy!

Trainer (L&D)


We have two Starbucks concessions, heavily subsidised, though still an almighty drain on funds!


Call Centre Helper

Do you think that we should create a regular "round the coffee machine" time?

Perhaps once a month so that we can stop by and have a chat?

I think it's a good idea.

Bit different!

Telemarketing Manager


Sounds like a plan

GPR Consulting

I think you should consider a special page with a javascript for a live chat area... It shouldn't be too difficult to pull together as there's loads of IRC servers and free applets...

Moderating it might be tricky though.


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