Routing emails, chats and inbound phone calls concurrently

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Routing emails, chats and inbound phone calls concurrently
Attempting to set up routing strategies to incorporate email routing into our current routing of chat, inbound phone, voicemail and customer callbacks. Small call center - typically 6-8 reps on at any given time. Some trained in CS and order taking and some only order taking. Prior to incorporating email - we are successfully routing the other channels to the our reps - using skill-based routing and queues to separate CS from orders. Our current email process is separate and reps pull the emails to work between calls. Planning for the addition of email into the routing leaves me stumped. My challenge is keeping reps available for calls - but routing in emails vs pulling from the inbox.

Do you usually have people in email only queues to accomplish this? Any ideas/direction would be greatly appreciated!


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Sounds like new routing software needed
It sounds like you need better Multi-Channel software to do this.

I suggest that you take a look through the directory

Thank you.
We are currently using 8x8 VCC. Strong software - the challenge/question was probably not worded correctly. Does everyone route their emails separately from calls. Completing the email prior to being offered the next call?

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